Is there a way to quickly delete the track your recording?

Pro Tools has this nice feature that allows you to delete the track your currently recording.

—Lets say your in the middle of recording and midi take you don’t didn’t do good on it and want to redo it. Right now I’m just stopping the recording(space bar) and ctrl Z. But is there a faster way to just get rid of the performance and start fresh?

–And also how do you take out a chunk of the song…measures and everything, as well as add measures.

–And also does “freeze” mean to “print” midi to an audio file? If so how do you do that? Do you handle that from the audio track where the audio is coming out or do you handle that from the midi track?

Thank you, I’m a bonafide Cubase Noob :slight_smile:

Backspace also deletes what you just did but the file does stay in the audio pool. I just dump the unused tracks in the trash from time to time in the pool. (cntrl P to open the pool)

Freeze does print what ever is going on in a track to an audio file. You can freeze VST instruments (midi tracks) or audio tracks with processing. The freeze button looks like a snow flake with a hexagon around it. You can see in in the arrange window in the top section of the track above inserts, it is also the left button in the VST instruments panel. Just press it and the track is frozen.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean about take out a chunk of a song.

But isn’t there a one button cancel of the midi track being recorded, instead of backspace or ctrl z?

I mean how do you “cut” out a portion of the song? Totally delete measures 23-45 for instance and everything in them.

With freeze I did try the snowflake but I don’t see any wave files? Where is the file.

…and how do you mute specific midi notes?

I’m going to be an Old School fart and suggest that you look up the manual for the questions you have. It’s explained very clearly and concisely. Even after you get the answers here :stuck_out_tongue:

How is “backspace” not one button?

I was wondering the same … until I realised it: Backspace is a key, not a button :stuck_out_tongue:

No you don’t understand…which is my fault so I apologize.

Here is what I said…
“But isn’t there a one button cancel of the midi track BEING RECORDED, instead of backspace or ctrl z?”
I should’ve been more clear by saying, “Currently being recorded”, or “in the process of being recorded”

Its not just one button…you first have to press space bar or stop before you can press backspace.

Lets say you are in the middle or recording a midi track…your playing a performance but then you screw up and want to redo it, in Pro Tools you press Ctrl Period [.] and it erases your tracks and starts you at the beginning again with out having to press space bar or stop.

I also have other questions above if someone wants to be so kind and answer a couple of them :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for getting me up to speed.

OK. Now I can get it.

I don’t know any standard Cubase command for this, but you can always create a macro:

Freeze doesn’t bounce midi to a new audiotrack. It just makes an audio file which will be internally played back instead of the (for example CPU hungry) plugin.
If you want to bounce it to an audiotrack you should have a look into the manual for audio export.
I’m not sure right now, but maybe you can even imort the freeze file (via explorer) back into your project on a new audiotrack.

Cheers, Matze!

Hi, set the Locators on bars e.g. 23 and 45 and hit [shift]+[backspace]
this will delete everything between the locators. Also moves tempochanges etc.

to mute MIDI notes use the mute tool ( X )

Select the area that you wish to copy or delete with locators, then go to Edit menu>Range>“Global Copy”. Then set your cursor to where you wish to insert that section,if you want to insert some extra bars just copy some blank bars, and do Edit menu>Range>“Paste Time”. or delete time. you`ll get the picture.