Is there a way to randomize track colour and then change back?


I’ve got a template where my Strings are all 1 colour, the brass is all 1 colour etc.

When I’m writing strings parts between the sections like the Violin, Viola, Cello I like to be able to change those track colours so that I can see the chord structure in the midi editor.

Is there a way where I can randomize track colours for just when I’m editing, but then change it back to all the same colour for the strings when I’m done? I know there are some options in the editor like midi notes by midi channel, velocity but they don’t have distinct enough colour differences.
So wondering if a randomize colour option is available and then a change back option?

Thanks in advance.


No, this is not possible. Cubase wouldn’t remember the original colour.

A workaround could be to use different MIDI Channel for Violin, Viola, Cello. Then you can show a colour of the MIDI Channel in the Editor.

The midi channel idea works as well, thanks! A bit of additional setup but it does the job. Would be nice to have a randomize function in the editor for a future patch :smiley:

Another approach could be to use the Project Logical Editor. Window Overview create two presets, one that colors each track differently, another that colors them with the same color.

You can assign keystrokes to those presets. An advantage to this is that you maintain access to other features that channel assignment offers.

Thanks Steve, but I would not know where to start with the logical editor into setting something like that up :frowning: