Is there a way to record a wave file and attach it to a score point?

This would be very useful in large score production and things like operas to nail down ideas in a rudimentary form so you could just play it through and kind of play with it… when you might completely score it differently at another point… this is a useful add on… is this doable?

You could absolutely do this by recording a .wav, converting it to .mp4 in VLC, and then attaching it like you would score to picture at a specific start spot (with an SMPTE time code). Is that what you are going for?

Exactly, I am thinking of a better way to do scratch scoring in a way… I just want to be able to rough cut some ideas and not manually enter them for access at a particular point in the score… for opera for example… this would be an excellent tool. I just want to try something out… etc etc or remember this remember? if you get my drift.

Try what I am saying, and let me know if that does it.

It seems to be limited to a single video per flow. Otherwise, yah, works.