Is there a way to rename tracks from events or parts?

Being a new Cubase user, I still don’t know well the difference between “events” and “parts”, but you know, those things in the project timeline that has all the MIDI notes.

There is a setting I can’t remember right now, but that when enabled or disabled allows the name of event/part to remain unchanged if you drag it to another track. But for some things it may be useful that it gets its name changed based on the track’s name.

However, I can’t find anything on a setting that will affect the track name. For example, if my track name is “track name whatever” and the first event/part is called “Appasionata Violins 2b”, other than going one by one clicking on the name on the bar at the cop, copying and then pasting it into the track’s name, is there a way to do that in a batch? Or at least some command to do it track after track but with the press of a keyboard shortcut?

Parts are containers, and Events are inside them. For example, midi events are inside midi parts. Audio events go right on the timeline, unless you put them in Audio parts.

Please, read the manual. This is how you can be sure, and not waste time wondering about it.

Parts and Events.

Partes y eventos.

Double click on track name to edit it, then hold alt as you press enter and the part will take the name of the track.

Thanks, Steve, but that was a very secondary thing, my question was mostly about the track renaming after the MIDI event or part that is on it.

But thanks for the info about it, now I know better what the difference is.

Are you talking about Windows alt or macOS alt? I’m on macOS, so here’s what happens:

  1. if I dbl click on the track name to put it in edit mode, and I press alt/option + Enter, it clears the name of the track.

  2. If I do the same but I press Cmd+Enter, the event gets the name of the track, which is the opposite.

  3. Pressing Ctrl+Enter, or Shift+Enter does the same as 2.

Can’t find a modifier key combo that will get the event name and set it as the track name,

There’s no one-click way to give the track a part’s name.

Hi, yes, sorry, windows, I should have stated that, and sorry again, I only scan read your post and yes, I got it wrong thinking you wanted to name parts/events after the track names. :slight_smile: