Is there a way to save ALL halion settings with one save?

Hi sorry if my question is naïve, there seems to be a save button on every corner of halion, and I thought I had my stuff saved, but all I had is a blank document that won’t even open, so I’m not sure how to save anything there. is there a certain save button that would allow me to save all the changes I made?

Any changes you made from within HALion, should be saved with the project when that gets saved from within your DAW. You could try and click the diskette icon in the top right, which reads save multi-program. This will save everything currently loaded and active from within HALion to one file which can be loaded again later, bringing you back to the stage you were at when you initially made the save.

Like Cantankerous said, the HALion state will be saved with your Cubase project.

You can also use the “Save Multi-Program” (which contains all programs in the 128 slots) as well as an individual “Save Program” (one of the 128 slots) or even smaller components (e.g. Layer).

Save Multi-Program is the little disk found under the HALION 5 “logo” on the “–Default–” screen set.

The individual Save Program can be found in a few places. E.g. right click one slots in the “Program Table”, or right click on a program in the “Slot Rack”.