Is there a way to save what you select?

I was thinking the other day how helpfull it would be for me to be able to select all tracks in a song from one point to another in time and then just save that selection. Being able to later in the track just insert that selection from say a window with saved selections or something and all tracks will be included. Is there something like that today or any similar function?


If I understand your request, Nuendo can do this, as you can export/import Packages.

Aha, I meant just selecting say the chorus, all tracks in that part and then being able to save that selection. Like Save selection in Photoshop and then have a hotkey for fetching it.

Also it would be nice with a shortcut for your favorite inserts.

I might be misunderstanding, but wouldn’t cycle-markers get you there?

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Yeah, I found it. Range selection double click between the markers. Make sure the marker track is not on on a divided track list, then it won’t work.