Is there a way to scale vertically with commands?

I´m trying to scale vertucally an automation range more preciselly than graphically.

Is there a way to do it with a macro or PLE?
There is a PLE: “decrease volume of selected track…” but this moves the whole lane not just the selected range as Scale vertically does when moving the dot up or down and this PLE depends en where are automation points in the range boundaries, besides, it works for volume automation and I´d prefer something general for any automation lane.


You can add one more condition to the PLE: Property is Set | Selected.

Or you can use the Info Line of the Project window.

I don´t find any parameter that acts over the selected range
The info line does not provide any parameter in an automation lane to scale or change volume.


If you select the data, the Info Line controls all selected data. Don’t forger, you can select the data by the Range Tool.

If I select the range I don´t have “value” parameter in the info line, if I select the points inside the range I have the “value” field but changing that value doesn´t modify the range but the nodes selected and that movement have different results depending where are the next nodes outside the range. I mean, this behaves as the PLE “decrease volume…” but not as the scale vertically tool which modifies exactly the range selected and not the boundaries.
Unless I´m missing something…


  • Select the Range
  • Switch to the Object Selectino Tool.
    => The automation nodes within the Range become selected and you can control the values.

Oh, I see. You are right. This is the difference between changing the values directly on the automation track and any other values changes. If you do it directly on the automation track, Cubase creates 2 more nodes (start and end). There is no other way to force Cubase to create these extra automation nodes.