Is there a way to search for a certain plugin to find all projects it was used in?

For example, is there a way to search for Fab Filter Q2 to find a list of all projects it was used in?

I would appreciate any ideas and it doesn’t have to be a build in function. I was just wondering if there was any way to do this, currently.

If not, it would be nice if this functionality was added to the Plug-in Manager or maybe a separate utility app.

I would think there would be, I also asked previously to be able to copy/paste the plugin and any preset used into notepad, so if I render a MIDI track to audio, I can enter that info on the new audio track in case I need to go back to it (bounce to audio to save processing power). All this information is stored on the Cubase project file, why some of this information is not visible is beyond me. With so many updates, computer changes etc, it would save a lot of time to view this sort of data quickly without opening projects and finding you’re missing this, and that etc.