Is there a way to search this database for topics so I don't create one that already exists?

I am looking for a way to search this database so I don’t create a new topic for a question that has been answered dozens or hundreds of times. Of course this question may have been asked thousands of times already :slight_smile:

… and when the internal search function of the new forum doesn’t yield desired results, I sometimes add to a regular Google search query.

For example:

p.s. The transition to the new forums confused the Google index date stamps, so ignore those.


In addition to the search functions, When you start to create a new topic, if you look on the right hand side discourse will display a “This is similar to” box.

Within that area there will be similar topics based on your title, which you can click on.

It’s quite a nice reminder before posting.

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Thank you. I have started a document called “Cubase Tips” and this is at the top of the list. I shall try it now.

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