Is there a way to see chord track while editing midi?

I am a newbie, so forgive me if the question is silly.

When drawing in midi notes or chords, I want to see what chord corresponds to that bar. So far, I am closing the editor, looking at the Chord track, and then going back in to edit. Obviously very cumbersome.

Is there a better way?

In Place Editor or don’t max the editor window.

I keep the top of my Key Editor window pulled down enough that I can see the chord track which I have as the top track in the Project window. If you adjust the zoom and align both windows it pretty much looks like the chords hovering above their respective bars in the Key Editor.

Also when in the Key Editor the default is to set the note colors based on velocity. But you can change that using the color drop down menu to base the color on the Chord Track. This will color the notes differently if they are in the current chord, in the current scale, or not in the current scale.

Brilliant :sunglasses:

Great, especially your second tip. Thanks!!

One potential gottcha is that if the Chord Track is set to automatic scales it can decide that the scale is changing multiple times during a progression - it thinks you are in G Hungarian or whatever for a bar or two. So you might on occasion see a red note ( i.e. not in the scale) because Cubase thinks you are using a different scale than you think you are using. You can either ignore these discrepancies, go with them and explore some different harmonic structures or set the scale manually. Nothing fundamentally right or wrong, just something to be aware of.

I’d be interested in what our more theory evolved members think about what is happening with auto scales.

I wish I saw this before I tuned some vocals on two different projects. I noticed there was red where there shouldn’t be, hence my search here brought me to this thread. Sorry for the two year thread bump, but it was (and still is) the most relevant.

I jumped from C6.5->C8, so CT is new to me. I dont recall any tutorials telling us to set the SCALE before editing segments, all of them just said to set the CHORDS and edit away with the colors set to Chord Track. “Automatic Scales” has been wrong from my experiences too, and I definitely will have to manually add them–just as I did with the chords in the first place.

Kinda irritated by this…sorry. But thanks Raino, your advise in this other thread helped me grasp CT better too:

I’ve feature requested a Chord track detachable window for things like this. It could be useful for sight reading, also.