Is there a way to see time elapsed in the transport panel in the toolbar?

I’d like to be able to see either bars and beats, or time in minutes and seconds in the transport panel in the toolbar. I don’t like floating transport panels, they get in the way. Is this possible? I right-clicked (a la cubase) expecting to be able to change the units, but no dice. I can’t find anything in the prefs/options either.


I don’t think so.
The only way I know to get the time elapsed visible when you make the transport window a floating one (which you don’t like). Then you see both bars and time.

You can drag the floating window to the upper corner, so it won’t be so much in the way.

In the forthcoming update, you will be able to left-click on the time display in the mini transport in the toolbar to cycle through the bar.beat.tick, time elapsed, and timecode format displays.

This is excellent news!

Great, thank you Daniel! Great news :slight_smile: