Is there a way to select all cycle markers for export?

I typically mix down live shows into individual songs, each within its own cycle marker. When you go to export the mixdown, I see no way to select all the cycle markers at once. It is really tedious to have to click on 15 separate cycle markers. Is there really no “select all” capability?


Does the mouse-down + drag down over all markers work here? (Sorry, I’m not with Cubase right now.)

I can’t get anything like that to work. I don’t think that is supported.

It is conventional in most applications where there is a list of items, each having a checkbox, to include a “Select all” checkbox above the list.

It seems so obvious that I am surprised it isn’t there. I don’t see any keycommands that will accomplish that in a macro either.

I do hope that Steinberg will take note of this. It is kind of a no-brainer, and shouldn’t be complicated to implement. One finds this kind of multiple-selection everywhere.


It works to me here. See attached video, please. (274 KB)

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Yes, that does work for me. Thank you. It is certainly easier than clicking on 15 checkboxes.

However, I do hope that Steinberg will add a “select all markers” checkbox, because that would be even faster and more obvious.


Ok, I’m glad this works on your side too.

Then I would recommend to put this one button to the Feature Request thread.

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