Is there a way to select all notes in all flows?

Hey all,
I’d like to set a property below for selected notes, but for the entire project…


I think you’d have to do it a flow at a time (either by filtering notes then - if there are any tuplets -filter deselecting tuplets, or via Selwct More).

What’s the property you’re wanting to set?

Well, Leo, it’s my usual issue:

For guitar, I always want to have fingering outside the staff, but I also want to always be able to use the slide-in property.
The only way right now is to “allow fingering inside the staff” in Engraving Options and then use the “Stopping finger position”-property below per note/flow.

One can always hope for additional Engraving options to one day solve this…


I must admit that I’d find it useful to be able to filter and hide playing techniques in multiple flows at once for’ full scores’.
Also, to make lines colourless (or hide them).
It can become a little tedious if there are many flows.

Indeed. I’m making an exercise unit now, and decided to use many small flows for easier layout and organization. Unfortunately the issue becomes more prominent, the more flows there are…