Is there a way to select an entire flow to make all notes black?

In an earlier version of my piece, I manually made many notes red. What is the simplest way to make all notes black for this new version?

Click on a note to select it. Ctrl-Shift-A to select more until they are all selected. Then in the bottom properties panel, toggle off the color property.

Alternatively, I think you can choose the function “Reset Properties,” though I’m going on memory here.

Thank you Given the large number of notes, ties and accidentals, this is very labor intensive - around 100 clicks.
Tell me more please about “Reset properties"

No it’s not. “Select More” quickly selects lots more of the same thing. Press it 3 or 4 times and you should have everything.

On my Mac M1, Ctrl-Shift-A does not select more red notes to be blackened. I press three keys in unison, click on the red square below,
only the initially selected note become black.

Sorry, on Mac it’s Cmd-Shift-A.

Unfortunately Cmd-Shift-A selects both black notes and red notes, all of which disconnects from the color box, which goes black.

Imagine a 80 page text with red words on every page. Just select the entire text and make it black. That’s what I need to do.


On a Mac, cmd-A (Select All) will select everything in a flow (notes and text). If you want only notes or only text to be selected, after Select All do Edit > Filter and then choose from the many options that are in the drop-down menu.
Next, open Properties (cmd-8) and turn off the Color property. Everything that was selected will now revert to the default colour of black.

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Yes, select all the notes and then turn off the toggle.



Thanks Steven and Dan.
All the notes are now black!
I very much appreciate your support and that from the Steinberg community.