Is there a way to select by level?

I’ve got a drum track covered in hideous organ harmonics. Even with the Select Harmonics tools it’s proving to be pita. Select Similar doesn’t pick anything up at all (options checked, 50%). But as you can see they are all quite a bit louder than the surrounding audio so is there a way of selecting by level?
SL Harmonics

Drums and organs should separate pretty well with some trial and error using the unmix components. I tend to do a bhit of that and unmix stems just to play around and see where I get the best results quickly. I’m sure you could go in with a scalpel in some way but I’m not very seasoned.

Try to adjust the Min Amplitude so you see mostly the elements you want. I believe the selection tools depend on display settings and what’s actually visible.

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Great idea but I don’t think it works. I did as you suggested and isolated a likely bit, surrounded by blackness. I did a Marquee select and copied to a new layer but when I reset the Min/Max Amplitude to default the it was clear that the surrounding audio had come across too. (You were suggesting that the invisible audio might not be included in the edit, as I understood you.)

However, for isolating elements to make them easier to pick out and select using the Wand I think you’re onto something so thanks for the suggestion.

I think this is one of those tools that works better with well recorded and mixed material. First-ever demos might present an unrealistic challenge… :thinking:

Having said that, one of the break-though tracks on the drums is the guitar solo, played on a clean Strat. I really do think the algorithm should have excluded notes that are essentially tuneful fundamentals. I’ll let it off about the organ harmonics, which are truly toe-curling and I can’t wait to hear the back of. I don’t know what we were thinking (clue: very little, probably)…

Those drum hits are fairly apparent to me in the pic. Those didnt pop out with an unmix stems?

I think it does a good job of Drums and Bass (particularly), and the vocals are pretty good too. I’m less impressed with the instruments; a track with piano failed to pick it up, and organs and guitars all seem to end up in Other.

My previous point about break-through was simply that, given the chalk-and-cheese natures of a Fender Strat and a drum kit, I was disappointed that it left rather too much of the guitar in the Drums than I think is reasonable to expect. Can’t really put that down to poor recording or mixing…

Btw, I’d be interested in your opinion about whether you’d expect Find Similar to pick out the harmonics in the screenshot. What’s been your experience in using it?

Let me know if you need additional assistance. I am starting a full stems unmixing service where I will assist others in fully unmixing all stems at a fee. See my results here

Amplitude layer separation of s feature in SL 9 Pro, if i understand the Steinberg marketing vid correctly.

Thanks, Alexis, I’ll look into that. C