Is there a way to set a global midi output transformer?

A part of my template relies on midi CC124 being sent to Vienna Ensemble Pro to automate the enabling and disabling of instruments within VEPro. For this to work the CC message has to be sent out on channel 1. Many of my MIDI tracks address different channels so I’m trying to implement a method of always converting CC124 to channel one before it passes into VEPro. I’ve figured out a way converting all CC124 messages with a MIDI transformer but this only works from a midi send (transformer in Insert Exclusive mode). It doesn’t work from a global ‘midi input transformer’ or ‘MIDI insert’ as any MIDI channel allocation on the track (plus expression maps) overrides these midi ‘input’ transformers. Setting up midi sends with transformers in this way for 1000+ tracks in my template is going to be tedious so I’m wondering if there’s a way set a ‘global midi OUTPUT’ (and not global midi INPUT) transformer?



If you set a MIDI Channel of the MIDI track, the data is sent on that MIDI Channel. Only one ways is to set the MIDI Channel “Any”. Then you can send the data on different MIDI Channels from the track. So for example MIDI Notes on MIDI Channel 3 and the CC124 on MIDI Channel 1.

Unfortunately, there is no way, how to set Global MIDI Output transformer.

Could you describe your use case once again, please? Maybe there is another way… When do you have to send the CC124? Anytime in the project? Or as an INIT data? On all tracks or just some tracks? Why it must be MIDI Channel 1? I don’t understand the MIDI Channel 1 vs one instance of Vienna Ensemble, I mean how many MIDI Ports do you have?