Is there a way to set a quarter note+8th note triplet to always use a square bracket by default?

I couldn’t figure out how to add a square bracket “triplet” indicator above these notes on beat 4 without doing it manually using Properties. Is there any way to set this once globally? Couldn’t find it in the various settings:
triplet example.png
Thanks for any help!

  • D.D.

Maybe I don’t understand your question?

  1. 5 for eighths
  2. Semicolon for tuplet
  3. 6 for quarter
  4. Enter a quarter then an eighth.

What I mean is that in the example, the triplet in beat 4 defaults notation-wise to showing this via the number “3” underneath, and with no square bracket. However, I would prefer by default in those circumstances for it to be notated with a square bracket and the no. 3 above the bracket, like this (which I had to do manually using “Properties”):
preferred triplet notation.png
So I was just wondering if there’s a way to set the program to ALWAYS notate in this preferred manner (and couldn’t find it anywhere).

  • D.D.

Actually, someone else pointed me Engraving Options for something else, and this appears to be the answer to this one, also! My mind is blown by how many helpful, specific options are presented here. The Dorico team is insane :slight_smile:.

  • D.D.

I was just about to answer … Engraving options>Tuplets (check all the options in there)

I heard Daniel say in a talk somewhere that there are something like 800 total options in that dialogue box.

D.D., if that project started life as a MusicXML export, it may be that the tuplet has some overridden properties concerning its bracket. You can also try selecting the tuplet number and doing Edit > Reset Appearance, which will remove any overrides and make it look the same as the engraving options dictate.

Another thing I didn’t realize was there so will definitely do this - thanks! I should also ask, then: Is there value after importing a MusicXML file in “selecting all” and choosing “Reset Appearance” (applying it to the entire project) just to be safe, when I first start? (or will this have potentially unnecessary extra consequences and I should wait until something doesn’t seem to be acting correctly and only reset whatever is “misbehaving”?)

  • D.D.

Dear D. D.
This was part of a reasonable workflow when using xml imports until Dorico 1.1 (I think), when we were able to define options with xll imports. Those options are found in the general preferences (cmd-omma on mac), you can uncheck all boxes and Dorico will retain as little original xml settings (and thus apply a maximum of its set behavior).
Since the appearance of those preferences, I do not need to perform a general reset appearance and reset position anymore when importing xml files. But YMMV.

Thanks! I’ll take a look on my next musicXML input for sure!

  • D.D.