Is there a way to set audio events by default to musical mode?

Hey there,
there is a way to set new tracks to musical time base by default, but is there also a way to set recorded events to musical mode by default, without having to go in the audio pool or by using the info line?

Musical mode or musical time base?

AFAIK time base can be set for tracks only? Or am I wrong?
Basically I want the audio events be be in Musical Mode by default, so that when changing tempo, it moves with the grid. Right now, I have to activate it after recording by hand in the Pool or by clicking on “musical mode” in the info line.

Is there ? I think it is only for time base.

The question isn’t really clear, but anyway, the answer to the question is no.

Musical timebase is a track parameter, Musical mode is an audio file parameter. So Cubase wouldn’t set new tracks to musical mode, it would set them to musical time base.


Ehrm, sorry I meant time base of course.

Yep that was an error in the first post obviously. I think my answer to your first question is pretty clear and shows what I really meant.

I have the opposite problem. I hate Musical Mode more than life itself, and it always imports all my clips in Musical Mode. Doesn’t matter how many times I change the preference. I hate it and Cubase just laughs at me each and every time… life is hard

How is that? I always thought its off by default lol. Would definitely be happy if I had your settings :sweat_smile: :joy:

Lets trade systems.

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No Preference exists which controls a file’s Musical Mode, no matter how many times you try to change it.

I’d guess that the Preference you are really changing is for the default Track Timebase.

Musical Mode is set in the audio file itself. If the clips have Musical Mode set when you import them, that means it was set before you imported it. I strongly suspect that Musical Mode and ACIDized are different names for the same thing. If you import an ACIDized file it will have Musical Mode enabled.

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Don’t know if this helps or not, but audio dragged in from Windows Explorer always arrives without Musical Mode set.

However, audio clips dragged in from Media Bay have Musical Mode set if the previewer option is set to ‘Align Beats to Project’. Otherwise they are added without Musical Mode set.

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