Is there a way to set global preferences In Cubase 11 Pro?

I must be doing something wrong, as I am constantly resetting scroll lock and several other basic functions within Cubase 11 Pro. i.e., I click the icon at the top of the main windows at the beginning of each session because most of the time it defaults to being off. And if I do any midi editing, I open the midi edit window on a second screen, the scroll lock is always off so I again have to turn it on. If I close that midi edit window, and open another one (to edit a different track - same song same session), the scroll lock defaults to off so again I have to remember to turn it on over and over. On any given session I have to reset that and a number of other basic functions multiple times. Ive looked for how to alter or set default settings, but cannot find anything that tells me how. If anyone knows please tell me.

Hi, check this

Disabling the Preferences.