Is there a way to set the playback counter default to time elapsed instead of bars?

As stated in the title

Not currently.

Excellent suggestion, richardC - I would like to put in a request for this feature at some point. In the Toolbar at the top of the screen, showing the bar number is superfluous in some ways, since we can simply look at the score’s playback line to see where we are. But having elapsed time up there would be very useful. Maybe as a choice in Playback Options?

It’s now possible by displaying the transport window from the main menu:


Thanks, Plutones. I was wondering how to do that, but did not feel in the mood for searching :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

In the forthcoming update, you’ll be able to switch the mini transport display between bar/beat/tick, timecode and elapsed time simply by clicking it, which is a nice little improvement.

Great Daniel! It sounds it will be more than just a patch update!

When have we ever released only a patch update?

There will certainly be a few modest improvements in the update, in addition to fixing the highest-impact bugs reported since Dorico 2.0’s release.


Answer : never! It’s Christmas three times a year with you guys ^^