Is there a way to set up a macro to make things easier when I start my session?

Hey guys,
My studio setup is a pretty good fit for my needs but there are two things that kind of get on my nerves when continuing my session from the previous day.

I’ll start by saying I have a Behringer X-Touch…which I really like. I also have gear from the 90s still like a passive set of Alesis Point Seven audio monitors and a Alesis 100watt reference amp. I also have a tone of outboard midi gear including an Alesis DM5, NanoSynth, NanoPiano, NanoBass ran my a MOTO Midi Express 128. Although I still use some of this gear a lot of the newer music sounds come from VST inside Cubase. I hold on to the old stuff because I need to recreate some tunes I wrote in the 90s and needed some specific sounds that I don’t have anywhere else. Oh and I have an Behringer XR18 as my “sound card” mostly because I have a lot of midi modules. But I have to say that is does over complicate my setup have two mixers and effects (one outside Cubase and one inside Cubase).

Wow I got way off track with all that. Ok so back to the two things that I could do without when continuing my session.
At the end of a session I manually shut the Alesis amp off and then shut off a master switch that shuts down everything except the PC and the keyboards. So the PC continues to run with the Cubase project ready to go. However when I turn everything back on I do have to resync the X Touch with the XR-18 unit which takes nothing but hitting the SCAN button and now the X-Touch connects back with the XR-18 unit…all is good. However I also have to resync the X-Touch with Cubase. There is no other way to do this (besides restarting Cubase) but to go to the menu(s) STUDIO/STUDIO SETUP/REMOTE DEVICES/MACKIE CONTROL and then clicking on the button that reads RESET. It doesn’t sound like too much of a hassle but when you do this sometimes twice or three times a day for months on end as you work through a project it gets a bit tedious. Is there a way to create a one button press that will reset the Mackie control without jump through all the menus?

My second issue is the manual turning off of the reference amp. Since the amp is under the rest of my gear in a rack tucked under the studio desk it’s a pain to get to it. If I don’t shut down this amp before I hit the master switch I will of course get a loud POP from the audio monitors. I would have like to find a timed switch modular that will turn the amp on about 3 seconds after the main switch has been turned on but that still doesn’t fix that it has to be the first switch off and the last switched on for each session. Of course theses are not serious “problems” more of an annoyance than anything. I’m just curious if there might be a solution (especially for the resetting of the Mackie control) for any of this.