Is there a way to shut down Cubase with one click the way we used to be able to?

I cant seem to close Cubase with one click.

If I click the x in the top right to close the application, only the project closes. In previous versions, you click the x, and Cubase closes. Now, it remains open after clicking the x. Is there a way to close Cubase with one click, or are you forced to clicking twice?

Thanks in advance.

ctrl q (or Menu/File/Quit)
You’ll still have to click through if you want to save any open projects or not. Number of clicks = number of open projects.

Ok, that works - thanks.

Why does clicking the x no longer work?

I don’t remember it ever working that way if any projects are open. It’s always been at least 2 clicks as far as I remember?

It’s possible that there might be some command buried in there that ‘saves all projects and closes’ with one command, but I’m not seeing it.

It might be possible to build yourself a macro that’d save and close out open projects, then shut down Cubase. You’d have to build such a Macro yourself.

If you have just saved a project and haven’t changed anything else you can close Cubase with the top right cross on the menu bar. That is one click

No - used to be 1 click. Not sure when that changed.

Thanks for the input - but that’s not what’s happening here. If I have just saved a project and haven’t changed anything else, I click the top right cross on the menu bar, and the project closes, but Cubase is still open and running.


I think it changed at the time that it became possible to separate the main Cubase and Project Windows.

You actually can close it using one click, but only under specific circumstances.

If you have your Cubase and Project Windows combined (probably how most folks have it) like in this first image then you do need to click the circled control twice - the first will Close the Project and the second will Quit Cubase.

However it the Cubase and Project Windows are NOT combined like in the image below the the control circled in green will close the Project while the one circled in red will close Cubase itself. In this situation the red control behaves the same as Ctrl+Q and will close both the Project & Cubase.

Thanks Raino

Your very first sentence makes sense, and that sounds like a plausible explanation.\

So, how does one get the Cubase and Project Windows combined?

That happend why the mixer changed to a non modal window, making it possible to move it outside the Cubase environment… other windows followed (Editors)
That made it possible to handle the different windows with standard OS commands, distribute them to multi monitor setups and open more than one projects at the same time.

just maximise the project window…

I find this a little confusing as I always close down with one click with top right cross on main menu bar. Just tested now with projects open and it always works

Ok - you mean un-maximise? I just took another look, and when the project is not maxed, Cubase does shut down with one click. When it IS maxed, it does not shut down with one click - takes two.

Right I use a large 4k screen and never have the project maximised so the top bar is always visible.