Is There A Way To Split at Each Bar?

Scenario: Using the Chord Track with chord events in place, I have a midi track with an empty event created and it’s output pointed to Trillian.

Chord Track on that Trillian midi channel is on and set the way I want. Trillian is tweaked as desired and I create a pattern using it’s arp function…

Locators set for the entire length of the song. I select that empty midi event and Render In Place the bass part.

I change the arp setting to get a different picking pattern and render again. I do this say a dozen times.

I put all those bass audio tracks tracks into a folder and mute them all.

Now I want to use the scissors tool to split all tracks in the folder at each bar to enable me to choose which bar of those dozen bass tracks fits best for what I’m doing.

Is there a way to have that split function incorporated into a macro/key command? I’ve tried and failed numerous times…

Thanks in advance!

Use the Scissors tool while holding down the Alt key.
(If any of the notes are longer than the place where you want to do the split, if you want the note repeated after the split, then go to Preferences>Editing>MIDI, and activate “Split MIDI Events”)

Many thanks Sir!!