Is there a way to start midi controller after cubase is open?

Too many times I boot up my system, open Cubase, and THEN remember to turn on my MIDI controller (Panorama P6). All I know to do is shut down CB, turn on my P6, then reopen CB.

Is there by chance another way to do this?



Yes, Cubase should recognize the MIDI Device if you turn it on while Cubase is running already.

I wish. It doesn’t. And in the other direction the P6 won’t initialize with its Cubase settings if turned on after CB boots.

Maybe on the Mac, definetely not on PC. You have to restart Cubase for any changes in the MIDI line-up.

You don’t. It works fine for me. I forget to turn on my td30 nearly every day and it always starts working within a few seconds. Maybe you device doesn’t advertise itself?

This is incorrect, I do it all the time (for the exact same reason as the OP). On occasion Cubase doesn’t detect my keyboard when I do switch it on. This usually (always?) happens when Cubase is doing something else, like opening an Editor or scanning plug-ins at launch. If I power cycle the keyboard it almost always detects it on the 2nd try. So it’s best to add a device when Cubase is idle.

Worse case you can force a detection by using the Reset button in the MIDI Port Setup. This capability was added sometime around Cubase 10 or 11. Before that you did need to relaunch Cubase.


I will let you know how this works.

Nah, didn’t work.
But!, I did verify: If I forget to turn on my P6, wait until CB is fully loaded, then turn on the P6 and it comes up fine.

Thnx All,


Well that sounds about right. If Cubase is booting it will miss the first message so therefore not know it is there. That sounds fair enough to me. You can’t cater for every mistake a user makes

This may be unrelated, but helpful down the road. I had an intermittent issue where Cubase/Nuendo wouldn’t recognize my Midi interface and tell me my ports were missing. I thought it was poor drivers and would reinstall them and that had no effect. I ended up figuring out that it was my PC. If I had just booted up my PC, and launched Cubase, sometimes it would recognize it fine and other times not. Then I noticed the PC was doing some scanning of the hard drives in the background. I started noticing that if the scanning was completed, the interface would always be recognized. So the recommendation would be to let your PC boot up and give it a minute, eventhough everything looks ready to go. Let it handle all the background stuff.