Is there a way to switch how Cubase handles editing automation points?

Ever since Cubase 10 the default way automation points are edited feels bizarre to me.
When I select the volume curve (for ex) of one area I would like to be able to drag the volume of that area down precisely at the point in time I’ve selected. This is easy to do: drag the top handle down.

Except for Cubase now leaves the automation before and after the selected area intact.
This creates a very abrupt jump. More often than not the result is not musical at all. Almost nothing in music jumps in a vertical line.
When it does it is an exception, for effect.

Is there a way to tell Cubase to handle automation points like it used to. So: if I select and area defined by a starting data point and and end data point and drag the entire area down, do NOT create two additional data points but instead move the ones I selected.

Resulting in something like this:

You can select the automation points and then use the Info Line to adjust their value without creating sudden ‘vertical’ jumps. I really like the additional automation editing functionality that has been added personally.

Is this the only way? Using only the info line?