Is there a way to switch off the automatic pitch correction?


Is there a way to switch off the automatic pitch correction? I have recorded some old tapes and the narrators voice gets clearly slower. I just want to switch off the pitch correction algorythm to really speed up the recording by jost dragging the boundaries off the clip.

thanks a lot

There is no automatic pitch correction - Cubase only corrects the pitch when you tell it to.

If the pitch is changing when you shrink or stretch the length of the Audio that implies you are using one of the “Tape” Algorithms (which are not the default). These mimic the old tape recorder technique of speeding up or slowing down the tape to change the pitch. You should change the Algorithm to anything but “Tape.”

Even though they are named “Time” & “Pitch” that doesn’t mean one is for changing time and the other pitch. They both can be used to shift both pitch and time.

  • Time means it will preserve timing accuracy at the expense of pitch accuracy
  • Pitch means it will preserve pitch accuracy at the expense of timing accuracy


  1. Change your Algorithm to anything but “Tape”
  2. Set the Selection Tool (Arrow) to Sizing Applies Time Stretch
  3. Drag the lower right corner of the Audio Event to resize it


Sorry ! I meant the automatic Time Stretch Algorithm. I only want to stretch and/or compress the audio clip by dragging it with the sizing tools without the algorithm.

Many thanks for your description.

In order to stretch or compress Audio an algorithm is always necessary. The algorithm is what does all the calculations necessary to perform the stretching & compressing. In your initial post you say you want to speed up the Audio - that’s the Algorithm’s job.

However if you only wanted to change the size of the Audio Event without compressing/stretching the audio (i.e. you will loose some audio content when shortening and reveal additional audio when lengthening). Then set the Arrow to Normal Sizing and drag the lower left or right corners of the Audio Event.


i wonder why or if Element 12 dont have the pitch correction ?? i cant find it in my software. i try dubbel click the vocal file but there is no Audio Vario to open there

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Good point. Here’s a chart that compares the features in different versions.

But im saving over 100 usd if i just buy the Melodyne essinal instead of upgrading

You are completly right. You always need an algorithm to do the job. My Goal was to easily speed up the audio by just compressing the size of it. I´m working on old tape recordings from a not so fit REVOX A77 and while I recorded the tape, the speed of the Tape dropped drastic. So I don´t know how the Interview partners have sounded because the tape is from 1976 and so it would have been so easy to just compress the size of the audio clip and live with a higher pitch of the recording, which in my way would have helped me a lot.
As far as i konw now, it´s not possible to do so. But that´s not a big issue, I´ll just do it the old-fashiioned way and resize the audio clip by time stretching and later on guess the right pitch of the voice by transposing it.

many thanks for your time and your ideas and all the best for 2023 :smiley: