Is there a way to sysex dump a VSTi recorded to track to store all current parameter settings?

A couple of my hardware synths do this, just wondering if a VSTi can as well?

VSTis do not require a sysex dump.
The preset management at Steinberg is done via vstpreset files.
The instrument and FX settings used in a Cubase project are saved in the cpr file.
The settings of the plugins used are also saved in track presets.

yeah I know I was just wondering if there was a way to do full parameter recall without having to write automation points.

That’s what the user presets are for, what are you missing?

Recall in the actual project playback itself.

I see …
Why don’t you just use a second instance of the plugin? Then there are also no ldropouts when the new preset is loaded

hmm not really sure that would appease my workflow objective here.

If you want to morph from one sound to another, you can only do that with automation. But as I understood you, you want to load the second sound suddenly. In my opinion, the loading of a preset cannot be automated. I don’t know how it would affect your workflow if you were to use a second instance.
A few plugins actually support Sysex, those that want to be compatible with their hardware counterparts.
But as I said, in general, sysex is not supported by plugins.

it’s not morphing I was looking for, just recall at the beginning of the session. I’m looking at this from a utility perspective, not some creative automation perspective.