Is there a way to take loop-recorded MIDI lanes and make them one long event instead of stacks?

obviously a way other than doing it by hand?


I’m afraid this is not possible.

Well, that’s annoying.

I made a feature request here:

Could you explain why this is needed? I mean, what intention does one have in mind when recording 20 cycles (passes) of the same musical passage and afterwards needing to spread them horizontally? Why not record “horizontally” from the beginning?
Please dont get me wrong. i just try to understand what you actually intended to achieve when using the stack-recording.

Hi you, question answered by raino in the second thread with the same topic that you opened.

It would make sense to have this functioning as you described it.

BR, Ernst

Yes, I replied to you there.

There are still issues here though with the .gif solution above, and that is,
-notes that are held beyond the loop points get chopped off, and or split so they retrigger.
-empty measures are automatically deleted resulting in the MIDI not being aligned to the audio.