Is there a way to transfer dorico 4 preferences to dorico 5?


I recently upgraded from dorico 4 to dorico 5 and I am looking for a way to transfer the preferences I changed in dorico 4 to dorico 5. Can anyone point me to a solution?

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It normally happens automatically doesn’t it? Dorico probably copies an older version prefs the first time you run it.

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Yes, provided you’re running Dorico 5 on the same computer as your existing Dorico 4 installation, Dorico 5 will automatically migrate all of the applicable Dorico 4 settings to the new version the first time it runs.


Thank’s for your answers @DanMcL and @dspreadbury.

D4 and D5 are running on the same machine. Strangely enough, it seems like some settings, for example noteperformer as the default playback template and “Play button in mini section plays from selection, if any”, have indeed been migrated. Yet, the background colors for write and engrave mode are default. I didn’t check every setting, so maybe it is just the colors.
That’s what I noticed and imidiatley started this thread. For the moment I’ll treat your answers as the solution and the color thing as a hickup. If I notice more settings not being migrated, I’ll come back here.

Thanks again for your help,

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Yeah I had that happen too, I assumed it was because the master list changed or something. Never fear the rest of the settings got copied, in my experience.

Same here.
D5 on the same machine as D4, but it seems that none of the preferences have made it to the new version. Stem direction for middle-line b, default instrument language,… I had to re-set everything.

Same here… :face_with_head_bandage: