Is there a way to trim a fade?

If I have a fade at the start of an event and I place a range in the middle of the fade then use the trim head command the event gets shorter but the fade remains the same size moving the end of the fade further into the event. I’m wondering if there is a way to do the same thing but have the fade shortened so that the fade ends at the same place in the event that it did before I trimmed the event?

Yeah there’s a brand new modifier key for doing that. You hold it down and then click/hold/drag the end of the event and the other part of the fade stays the same.

I forget what the modifier is right now. It’s like control-drag or control+Alt-drag on Windows. Just try a few. Or check the documentation.


Yep Ctrl+Alt+drag. I use it every single day, so useful.


Is that new in 12? It doesn’t seem to work in 11?

Yes, I believe it’s new in v12.