Is there a way to turn MIDI velocity into MIDI CC?

For whatever reason, I have some MIDI with velocity information. Can I somehow make this count for MIDI CC 1?

Whether it is by merging, copying, or whatever, is of no consquence in this instance. The velocity isn’t used at all, so all I care about is that CC 1 reads that information somehow.


You can use the Logical Editor to insert MIDI CCs 1, where the Parameter 2 equals the note Volume.

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Hi. Thanks for the solution. Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with the logical editor to figure it out. I gather I must use Type Is Equal Controller AND MIDI Controller No. Equal 1 in the filter target, but how do I get the velocity into it? I tried using Insert both with Value 1 Use Value 2 and with Value 1 Set to fixed value 2, but evidently that’s not it.

Try this (Velocity is Value 2 of Note):

Do note that this can be only done after recording. If you want to do this automatically while recording, you have to add an Input Transformer to the MIDI/Instrument Track. The selections you have to do there are identical, just enable the Module.

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Thank you so much! I had to use Insert rather than Transform, as Transform removed the actual notes. But otherwise it worked well.

Err, so it does… Oopsie? Glad you got it working, though. :sweat_smile:

EDIT: This makes the Input Transformer option impossible when recording, though, as it doesn’t have the Insert option in the Functions. You can however add a Transformer MIDI Insert as it does, and enable the Insert’s Record Output to Track.

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