Is there a way to turn VR Connect completely off so that it doesn't slow down Cubase startup?

I have no use for it at this time and it’s another thing to slow down the already slow startup time of Cubase. Is there a way to completely disable it?

What is VR Connect? In any case, all that stuff in in the Components folder in Cubase’s Program directory. Hide it from Cubase and it won’t run.

No idea! It stays on that for a few seconds during startup. I didn’t realize I could deal with things like that in the Components/Program directory – thanks for the info.

Where is the correct Components folder on Mac? I found one under Library/ApplicationSupport/Steinberg but it doesn’t have VR Connect in it.

I suppose it would be inside the application package on Mac.

It’s not intuitive how to find, it turns out. For others interested: Right click on the actual Cubase app icon and click “Show Package Contents”, which grabs all the content that’s spread out in different folders on your Mac and puts it in one place.

I deleted anything related to VR and VST Connect, neither of which I have use for, and it definitely makes startup faster.