is there a way to use files from cubase of 1999

I recorded/composed a bunch of music back in the late 90’s or in 2000, then moved, computer crashed, lost interest in music for a decade etc. i still have all that Cubase stuff backed up on my CD’s, and i wonder if there is any way to get that stuff to work with todays Cubase version?

Aloha r,

Not sure of the year and what version of Cubase would work but
I remember something reading about Steiny letting you d/load a version of SX3 to open old files
that can then be opened in newer versions of Cubase.

Do a search (as will I) or maybe someone else will chime in with an answer.

What gear and version of Cubase do you now have?
Since you are posting here, is it C6x……?

I now have Cubase LE AI Elements 6 Document

Maybe do a search on the forum for Cubase SX3, cause I remember that too (best do it through Google, with ‘’ added). It doesn’t really matter what version your 1999 files are, cause it’s supposed to work even for old Atari files. SX will turn them into .cpr files and those will be loaded in C6.