Is there a way to view current project latency?


This comes up very often. I have a loaded session and an have an artist come in for overdubs. Always in a loaded session, I constrain delay compensation for tracking live. It would be helpful to know what latency the project is at with and without compensation on.

Is there a way to view this. I know the latency in the soundcard setup menu. What I am talking about is the current project latency that includes plugin delay compensation.

Thank ya.

Devices Menu - VST Audio System…

Damn, doesn’t work… Sorry!

+1. We need ‘DAW Latency’ reporting.

I hate latency. It’s the sand in your sandwich.

mmm crunchy! :mrgreen:

I suppose I could do a loopback on the patchbay, record it, count samples and do the math with my sampling frequency… :sunglasses:

Plugin latency rarely exceeds the soundcard latency, so if you compensate for the soundcard latency, you should be fine. Other than that, the plugin latency depends on the latency reported by the plugins, and that can differ.
You can see the individual plugin’s latency in the Plugin-Information window. So, if you sort the “in use” column, you can directly spot the one with the highest latency.


Would still be a good feature though…

Overdub and monitor via a console.
Latency then becomes something that happens to other people…