Is there a way to zero all tempo points without effect?


So there are 2 warp grid modes.
The first is absolute, meaning the location in relation to the time of the midi note is kept. That doesn’t change the music.
The second (musical events follow) is relative, meaning the location in relation to the grid of the midi note is kept.

Let’s set side these two tools for a second. Imagine a project with lots of different tempo points.
If I want to make it a constant 120BPM, and keep the absolute time location of the notes, I have to take care of each tempo note individually with the “events follow” tools.

Is there a collective tool, that works simply on the whole tempo track? Zero tempo points, keep events location absolute.

Selecting all tempo points and deleting them obviously moves the events (relative).

It should work like a bounce midi to midi in a defined tempo function.

You can switch every track’s time base to Linear then they will ignore the tempo track and always stay where they are. You can freely change the tempo track then, and change back afterwards.


Thanks Mike, this does it.