Is there a way when exporting wav files to use CD TEXT info

When I import my files for a CD project the filenames are often different than the final CD TEXT titles.
I would like to know, when exporting wav files from a Montage, is there a way to have the files use the CD text info as the name of the new wav file, rather than the old cilp name in the montage?

Chas Ferry

Chas, if you have CD Text, I assume you already have CD track markers. Wavelab will use the CD track marker names (which appear in the CD tab tracklist) for the new rendered filenames if you select “Regions/CD Tracks” in the render dialog. I also usually use the “add numeric prefix” in the render dialog since I want the files numbered.

Hi Bob,
Thank you for the info.
I tried that. Unfortunately, in my workflow The CD Track markers are the same as the file name. I know I could go in and rename the CD Track markers. Howevr that is not what I want to do because I like the fact that I can look at the track marker and know which file is being used. I want to use the CD Text information to name the Wav files.

Sorry Chas. I wasn’t taking it literally enough. I don’t know of a way except to render files with the CD Text Title as Title in the metadata, and then make files in the batch processor that uses that Title metadata as the new file name. But that’s a pretty long involved process.

In WaveLab 9.0.30 this will be possible with the naming scheme feature.