Is there a zoom in print mood ?

Is there a zoom option in print mood ? I want to see my logo and other image like snap QR And Instagram

Yeah, it’s called “Page Width” and “Whole Page” :smiley:

Otherwise no, the zoom menu is greyed out. If you are on the mac you can hold the control key and zoom in and out on the whole screen which is equivalent. Windows has similar functionality.

You can use Hide Invisibles in any mode, though, which is basically an instant (temporary) print preview. On my machines it’s the button just to the right of the left Shift key, but dependent on what keyboard layout you have it might be underneath the Escape key. Search Dorico Preferences > Key Commands for Invisibles and it’ll tell you what key is currently assigned.

Yeah hide invisibles is really useful, like when you’ve got some system type element hiding notation. Companion to that is the Z and X keys for keyboard zoom. What would be neat with keyboard zoom is if it would zoom centered on the mouse location.