Is there an ATTENTION FOCUS function on Nuage?

I know Nuage is supposed to be the physical manifestation of Cubase/Nuendo. But I am still having issues with that “Zones” platform introduced into Nuendo since ver. 6. ie: I’m trying to do something on a channel and nothing happens because I’ve accessed the channel in the project window and said funtion only works from the mixer window. It was really annoying and I had great hopes that this issue would be gone because I was on Nuage hardware.

Sadly, Nuage has the same Zone issue as the software. So, I was wondering if there were some way to write a KC or utilize the cursor arrows to point to the desired zone more efficiently. I saw a post on Eucon where someone had written a Macro that sort of did this for Avid controllers. So, I was hoping there was an equivalent option possible on Nuage.

Example of why I need this. MIDI Editing - I’m using 3 display monitors in my setup. When I open the Key Editor window for major protracted editing, it opens on my right display (I use the little one in the lower zone of the project window for quick fixes). I frequently have to go back and forth between the project window and the Editor window. If I forget, which is often, to attention the correct window, my edits get screwed up and I have to waste time undoing the process and redoing the edit.

It would be great to be able to just cursor between windows. You can launch 4 mixer views. So I thought maybe you could just launch the project window as well. That wouldn’t be seamless, but you could at least bounce back and forth between windows with the direct KC. Without that option, I’m out of ideas for a workaround. Anyone else have an idea on how this could be set up?

Hey Keyplayer! If I’m understanding you correctly, I get directly back to the Project Window via a key command, Project>Bring to Front. I have it assigned to my Comm C2 button on the Nuage Master. john

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Thanks, I’ll try that. :thinking: :wink:

Wow, that works great! Thanks so much for the tip!! :grin: :sunglasses: