Is there an audible metronome or click in Dorico?

I’ve searched and can’t find an answer…I know we don’t have realtime midi entry yet, but is there at least an audible click possible when playing back stuff I’ve entered via step entry?

Thanks for any help -

No, there’s no click as yet, rj. It’s definitely on our list for the future.

That’s actually quite a surprise since it’s such a common part of the workflow of those of us who deal with both notation and DAWs (and it didn’t even occur to me that it would be missing). I’m sure when you add it, though ( hopefully soon :slight_smile:) it will ultimately be part of a robust and new precedent-setting approach to MIDI entry/control/playback ( if your other excellent features thus far are any indication) so fingers crossed for the near-future…

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I’ve got to concur here!! As a brand-new buyer of the cross-grade, from S******s, it never occurred to me that a click track would be missing. An excellent model of a very flexible click track setup with lots of good options can be found in MOTU Digital Performer. Hint hint…

Well… there’s no real-time note entry currently in Dorico. Most likely the two will be implemented together in due time. So, unless you want the audio click to audiate the beat (for young beginner musicians to hear in an audio file?), I don’t see the point. (But who am I to judge??) If you really wanted it for your own purposes, you could add a wood block player and have your very own Dorico 1.2 metronome click-track. You even have a high and low wood block sound to give emphasis at the measure or macro-beats! And this player is guaranteed to keep a steady pulse - and can be muted at a moment’s notice!! :wink: :slight_smile:

Real-time note entry is not why I want a click track. I sometimes make scores where the tempo and meter are changing frequently and a click track can help me set the tempi and empty measures in advance of entering the actual notes. Or I might want to play along with what I’ve notated. Or what about a “concerto” - like piece where the “orchestra” drops out and I’m doing a solo for an exact number of bars. There are dozens of uses for a metronome track besides RT note entry, I’m surprised that isn’t obvious. Are there any professional notation programs that do not include a click track?

A wood block “metronome” track is a cute idea but could get to be a real pain.

As Daniel said, “It’s on the list…”

“A wood block “metronome” track is a cute idea but could get to be a real pain.”

I actually do it this way in all programs. A click track that is an actual track that I can see and manipulate is useful.
Hopefully, when Dorico gets a click it will be a track in Play mode that can have 1/8ths etc. inserted or removed.

Hi please give me some confidence to purchase your program! I am trying the trial version and stumbled upon this post because I was looking for a metronome click to ensure my syncopated rhythms were input correctly. When might you guys have this feature or a release of other features?

To be honest, based on several posts of features that need to be added for the average musician, I feel like Dorico is in some kind of beta mode, but its price is competitive with Finale. So, I’m conflicted as to its value vs. its at-market or above-market price. Thanks.

moonboy, if you want software that’s fully-fledged, littered with bugs and with virtually no ongoing development, buy Finale. If you want software that’s nearly fully-fledged, has a few bugs but with a solid development team that listen to their customers, buy Dorico :slight_smile:

(In the interests of clarity, I own FInale 2018, Sibelius 8 (point whatever the latest is) and Dorico. My software of choice is Dorico)

The other big advantage of having a metronome as an instrument is that, in Dorico, it is easy to cue click changes in the parts.

I’m with Leo… I’ve spent a good portion of my life complaining about the same bugs in another program, without any attempt to fix them.

I’m newer at notation. Spent a year fighting Finale 25 and finally gave up. Things that should work didn’t which drove me nuts. And I’m good at complex software. Dorico is much more joyful, even if not yet full featured.

Yes, you are right. I like the Steinberg team, and I like the forward movement. I will be patient – and I’m happy to support this community. :wink:

We definitely do plan to add a metronome click function to Dorico soon. I hope (though cannot promise, as it has not yet been implemented, and until something has been implemented and tested it’s possible that it won’t happen) that it will be in the next major update, but it is possible that it won’t make it. However, it is a high priority item for us.

just curious, has the metronome been added since this post?
would be infinitely useful for film scoring, sometimes I compose music just by listening to click and seeing how the beats fall to picture.


Not yet.

Is something we’re working on right now.

As you mentioned you are working in this area right now, I would be so happy, if I would be able to change some day a playback tempo manually (independently from the metronome mark). As an example, I would like to play some slow piece in a quicker tempo in order to check it for mistakes, or I would like to listen to some particular group in a slower tempo, while a metronome mark is set to Presto, etc…Would be grate if it could be possible to change a playback tempo manually instead of changing each time a metronome marks. Thank you

A lot of people do ask for this and it is on our list, though I don’t know if we’ll have time to get it into the next release.

Thank you Paul, good to know it is on your list:)