Is there an "auto locator range select" in Cubase?

I can’t seem to find the setting to make the locators automatically change to whatever your range selection is, including any events you select. I totally forgot how hugely useful this is in Pro Tools and am looking for it in Cubase. I know I can hit “p” to set the locators to whatever event I’m on, but doing that automatically can sometimes save huge amounts of time, and that extra keystroke adds up really quickly during fast and repetitive editing. Basically your locators automatically follow whatever you’ve selected by event or by range in the project window. It was one of things that helped being lightning quick when I was editing in PT, and was easy to toggle on/off (with a keystroke).

in the preferences.

It doesn’t do it by selecting events, but in the preferences (not sure which tab, I think it’s in one of the first)

There is a ‘‘locator location follows range selection’’ check box.

Click that!

Cool thanks, didn’t know about that for some reasons!

Unfortunately it doesn’t follow when you click on events, as you wrote – this is a very valuable tool for fast editing in many situations. I wonder if there’s a PLE I can do to make it happen? I’m not very well-versed in the PLE and it feels like programming DOS, hahaha. Anyone have an idea as to how to implement this so that any event selected will automatically be reflected in the Cycle Range? Or if it’s even possible with PLE? It’s a really useful thing for fast editing, was essential weaponry for everyone in Pro Tools at the studio I used to work at.

My events are rarely perfectly trimmed and rarely start on first beat, so I never considered the use for that feature, let alone it’s existence. I can see how it could help though.

On the SB website it’s written: ‘‘Select a range or an event and select Transport > Locators > Set Locators to Selection Range.’’

maybe you can do it as a macro if you want it quick?

Totally, yes. That’s what “p” is for. But I’m looking for a way that PT does it, where it can be automatic instead of another unnecessary keystroke in situations where that would be useful, which very can much save time editing in those situations.

In_Stereo: Check out the other thread where you mentioned this.

If you double-click an event with the range tool, the event is selected. If you have ‘Cycle Follows Range Selection’ activated, the cycle range moves with it.

If you hold shift you can double click on more events, they get added to the selection, and the cycle follows.

Thanks Steve – all of these years on Cubase and I wasn’t aware of this! Awesome. With a multi-tool this would then be on par with Pro Tools.

I wasn’t aware of this either. However double-clicking is not finger friendly. Again a macro could be made with another mouse button maybe doing the double-clicking.

Sorry Steve, you find these ideas convoluted maybe, but in the long run, the less you double-click, the better for your hand.

The idea I referred to, according to you (quoted below) doesn’t work, and you actually advise buying another mouse to gain a missing function, so I’ll run with your suggestion– buy a mouse that allows you to produce a double-click without actually using your finger to to click twice. No external software needed, except the mouse driver.

It’s better to do that than get lost in trying to make a dog act like a cat. :wink:

You have a point about making a dog act like a cat.

But my point is : The solution that I wrote there, doesn’t work because of an issue in PLE, if I didn’t misunderstood the manual.

The reason I wrote all those steps is because maybe somebody would chime in, and say do this, do that, it doesn’t work that way, etc…

I have an other issue with the PLE, I posted a thread about it, about “unequal” condition not working. So maybe either I’m doing something wrong, or somebody should fix it.