Is there an automation feature that enables you to snap to other horizontal nodes?

Let’s say you’re editing automation and you want a specific node to exactly match another node horizontally (not vertically, just horizontally - vertically this is a non-issue because it can’t get past a vertical node above or below it). Is there a way to get the node you’re moving to “snap” to other horizontal nodes that it passes as you move it? I find I want this all of the time in order to specifically match a previous value instead of guessing and then usually needing to enter the exact value by hand. It would be an extremely useful feature if it’s not there.

Been using Cubase for a very long time and am wondering if this is hidden somewhere. I searched in the manual and couldn’t find what I was looking for, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hidden somewhere.

Really great question! I’d love being able to do that too.

I need this feature too