Is there an input level embedded on a track?

So I’m half way through recording a rock instrumental. I still have about half of the lead guitar and I need to clean up some rough spots by re-recording some rhythm guitars.

My problem came up when I went to do some punch in/outs my levels were all jacked up.
Then I noticed that somehow my volume output on my Line6 Helix was bumped. I didn’t mark the volume knob and I didn’t take notes on the level it was for the last few weeks.

Is there a way of finding out what level a guitar signal was recorded on a track so I can match that input level? Trying to match the old level by ear is proving to be very difficult. Punching in and out is pretty noticeable if not spot on.

I thought someone might have a good idea like a spectrum analyzer or something where I could match the levels visually. Or some creative solution.

I have a feeling that I’m going to be forced to re-record some guitar tracks all over again. I hate to waste a really good take but if I can’t match it…


In the MixConsole right-click to the Meter > Global Meter Settings > Meter Position > Input.

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