Is there an Inspector ?

Does anyone know if there is an “Inspector” that can be used in Cubase 6 on an iMac 10.6.8. I used Inspector quite a bit before Cubase 6. It worked great for me. I hope I did not post this in the wrong place. Thanks !!!

Little button top left.

What “Little button top left”.

You have a PDF reader, right? Like Acrobat Reader or something?
Open the Cubase Manual from:
Menu > Help > Documentation > Operation manual
Use the Search function to find “Inspector” in the text. :wink:

Thanks !!!


Yep, that looks about the right size magnifying glass for us “older” folks… :slight_smile:

The inspector I am referring to is not in Cubase it is a separate plug-in that I used with Cubase SL which I was
recommended to use from someone here on the forum years ago. It was downloaded from “Inspector”.
I can’t seem to find that inspector for the Mac 10.6.8. It was very handy to me. If anyone of you know where
it may be I would appreciate it. I am aware of inspector that’s already in Cubase.

Oh, wrong inspector! :confused:
What kind of tool are we talking about here?
What does your Inspector do?

It would have helped if you hadn’t posted such an ambiguous question :confused:

Try KVR there must be loads of analyzers for the mac!

It was only ambiguous to you not me. Thanks, you have been a big help! Much appreciated.

Thank you everyone for your help. I found the “inspector” I was looking for via KVR. Sorry if I was not as precise as I should have been.

Jolly :stuck_out_tongue:

It was just a bit confusing… No biggie