Is there an official wish list thread or system for Dorico?

As the topic says.


This is it.

Alright then… Here we go.

I’ve done a few large projects in Dorico. These feature requests would save me a lot of time preparing parts.

  1. Have rehearsal letters force a new system.
  2. Have large multi-rests break according to the set number of bars per system. Right now, even if I set 4 bars per system, I still get multi-rests much larger than that. It’s much easier during rehearsals if these large mult-rests can be broken into smaller ones.
  3. Have the number of bars per system adjustable depending on meter. I typically set it for 4 bars per system, but if I have a song in 2/4 where I want 8 bars per system, I have to manually adjust everything.
  4. Please make flows maintain their staff position and spacing. Editing one flow should not ruin the spacing of all subsequent flows.
  5. Have casting off take into account system attached text, staff attached text, rehearsal letters, notes with lots of ledger lines etc. I do a lot of theater work, where dialogue, cues, and other instructions are attached to the vocal staff. Most of my engraving work is moving systems around so they don’t crash into each other, or run off the top/bottom of the page.

We do plan to add further options for influencing casting off in future versions.


Another - When switching between page view, galley view, write, engrave and various different layouts, it would be nice if the program made some attempt to keep you near the bar you were working on. Doesn’t have to be exact. I’m working on a large project and these various view changes often throw me back to the beginning and then I have to search around to get back to the bar/staff/system I was working on.

Just in case you’ve missed the standard workaround:

  1. Leave something selected on the page before switching mode.
  2. In Dorico 3.5 or earlier, hit P twice (once to initiate playback, which will centre the play head, and again to cancel playback.) In Dorico 4, there’s a Focus on Selection command to which you can assign a shortcut.

Neither of these is as ideal as what you’re asking for, but should save you “searching around”.

Doesn’t always work. I had a tempo marking selected in the layout of the Bass guitar. I switched to the full score and it kicked me back to the beginning.

What doesn’t work? Playing back from that tempo mark or centering selection?

edit: it might be that your selection isn’t being kept when switching between layouts in Engrave mode. There isn’t a good way around that at the moment.

centering selection.