Is there an option to export all flows together as mxl or audio? (iPadOS)

Hi! This is my first post (although not my first post in general) on Steinberg.

I’ve been using Dorico iPad for a couple months, and I am impressed. I previously used MuseScore (can’t say MuseScore isn’t great, too! Hopefully you guys are okay with me talking about other software like this, unlike my comparison posts on MuseScore. org hahaha.) and I still use it, mainly because it has a score sharing platform, and, along with HALion sonic, it works as an excellent DAW for writing VGM. I initially got Dorico because I want to be able to compose practically anywhere, and it was the only iPad software I could find with any reputation. Although my first impressions weren’t great, I soon fell in love with its engraving, and decided to keep with it for now. Despite the intuitiveness and quality, I still wanted to post on MuseScore .com (sry about the links XD). I’ve been using mxl for that.

Now, here’s my question. Is there a way (and I’m sure there’s a way) to export a whole score (instead of one flow) as mxl? Thanks!

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Consider it noblesse oblige. :laughing:

And welcome to the forum, @hamsandwichnow .

I’ll let someone better versed in iPad answer your question, but I suspect one would have to export the flows separately (or at least separated) and join them up afterwards (or before exporting).

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Yeah, that’s the only thing I can figure out—maybe I’ll have to make a feature request :wink:

Ok, I figured it out.
Only the computer version does this.