Starting to get frustrated that 10 doesn’t work properly at all. About to ask for a refund!

Please wait a couple of days.

Steinberg days or normal days? Steinberg days could mean weeks or months…

Sorry, but sometimes it seems as though Steinberg moves very very slowly…FWIW

I’m away from my DAW, did this update arrive?

I too would like to know when, November or December? The current version of WL10 is far too buggy to be used in a professional environment.

Must be Steinberg Days after all. “A couple of days” usually means two but I guess that is not the case here since PGs original answer was on the 19th of November

From the WWW:

A couple is literally two; but it is often used as in the neighborhood of two. I have the impression that it is used loosely only when an approximation is in play. That is, you can say. a couple of days, meaning two days, give or take some hours. a couple of weeks meaning two weeks, give or take a few days.

Steinberg does not want to give accurate dates, because there is always the risk of a last minute problem to fix, that will cause more delay. This is not uncommon.
Moreover, for administration reasons, there is an added latency between an update is technically ready and the day everyone can download it.
But rest assured about the commitment on fixing issues. As a recent illustration, WaveLab 9.5.50 was the 8th patch after 9.50.00


No one ever doubts your “commitment” - we all know that WL will get patched. What people are annoyed with is the frequency/agility.

WL10 has been out since Oct 15 - there is simply no excuse for making the gang wait 6 weeks to get a version that actually works reasonably well.

If this was a Studio One release with this many problems and hassle factor - Presonus would get the big problems dealt with within the first week of release - and then issue whatever additional patches are needed quickly as well - not making people wait (or in my case - not even bothering to install the app) for 5 or 6 weeks for the first real fixes.


To blow smoke up your ass PG. I couldn’t live without Wavelab and it’s ROI at this end is off the chart.

I’ve been with Steinberg since Cubase 6.5 and im fully aware of the buggy releases when they first come out and “to accept” them

However, This Wavelab release is not fit for purpose. It shouldn’t have been released and update is now desperately needed.

Otherwise, im going to ask for my money back, because im back on 9.5 with my update funds spent on 10, which is sitting here doing nothing which means my money is doing nothing. Which isn’t cool.

I have been with WL since version 1.6.2 This latest update is buggy and probably should not have been released. I am back to 9.5.5 and feel like I was a beta tester for WL10. I have a very large project in house, 100 reel to reel and cassettes to transfer to digital. I was really looking forward to this project and using WL 10 and obviously that did not happen. WL 9.5.5 is working well so I am covered. I wasted literally hours with WL 10 doing all kinds of not nice things with what I was trying to do before I switched back to WL 9.5.5. I have always considered WL to be professional level product but this latest fiasco weakens my trust in WL which is not good. Please get this fixed and soon. Thanks!

p.s. If I were a millionaire I would buy out WL from Steinberg and let PG work on it by himself since I have the highest regards for his work. FWIW

I’ve been with WL since 1.5 - and yes this is the buggiest release yet - sorry PG.

It’s probably not helpful for everyone to keep repeating it though. I’m sure he knows and it must be a bit demoralising but best not take it too personally. I willing to bet the update release delay is on SBs approval process for getting it officially released.

As a more positive suggestion, time for PG to push SB for a public beta program that bypasses SBs processes. I can’t see a downside to this and in PR terms would be a win IMO

Yes I used WL 10 only 2 days and back to 9.5.5 WL 10 its working better but not perfect on an old Mac mini 2012, but have a lot of work to be a beta paid beta tester. Will wait for fixed version.

I don’t know what’s the criteria they use to choose beta testers but i think is wrong.

I’m new to Wavelab 10, having acquired it in the last couple of weeks. I’m surprised at how buggy it is. It really is unusable and I hope there will be an update soon. I came from 8.5 nd had to go back to that version.

I think due to the relatively small user base of WaveLab compared to something like Cubase and Nuendo, as well as only a fraction of WL users really come to this forum, that a public beta program would not be a bad idea.

I use one other audio program that has public pre-release and it’s great.

I think for some older software companies, it’s hard to fully adjust from the old days when software (and even updates) were sent out on a physical disk!

In 2019, I see no reason to not move more quickly.

It has now been 10 days. FWIW

Development for 10.0.10 is finished.

Hello Philippe,

Will this .10 update fix the very long rendering times when using UAD plugins? If not, I’m returning the WL10 update I purchased this morning before I was aware of this issue making version 10 essentially useless in my studio.

I have been using WL since version 3, and am currently using 8.1 since there was a problem with the clip effects not switching to the active montage window in 8.5 - 9.5 which is finally fixed in 10. Thank you for finally fixing that. Looking forward to a usable version of WL10.

Doug Krebs

So when will it be available for download??? Just wondering.

So when will it be available for download??? Just wondering.

During the week after code completion.