IS there an upgrade from GA SE4 to GA full version?

I only see the upgrade from Groove Agent 3 to Groove Agent 4 available at the shop…



No. > see

That kinda sucks. Ah well…

Shoot. I purchased the update without owning GE 3. I thought Groove Agent ONE (which I have installed as well as Groove Agent SE) was Groove Agent 3.

I contacted the support team, hopefully I can get a refund or apply the total to the purchase of GA 4.

If you find out please let me know i did the exact same thing as you did .

Not upgrade from SE to GA full version?
Is that real?


Groove Agent SE 4 (Starter Edition) can be considered as a free module (VST Instrument) for Cubase 7.5. It can’t be upgraded to Groove Agent 4 as it is NOT a separate product.

If you bought the wrong update path, please contact your Steinberg Support Team via MySteinberg to order a cancellation and refund.

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