Is there an upgrade option from Iconica Ensembles to Iconica Sections and Players?

Hi Steinberg Support, it seems this is the only way to contact you via the internet (I’m not sure why your site redirects me to distributors for questions regarding your online shop, but oh well), my question is more or less the title: is there a discounted upgrade path for owners of the Ensembles edition of Iconica to the Sections and Players edition of Iconica?
Thanks for your time and assistance.

I don’t think there is. The best opportunity you just missed. Was there until recently for 50% in the sale. But I agree. Opus, which is ensemble and sections in one, cost 999€. The others separate together, 1098€. 99€ more than Opus. So yes at least this should be the discount when upgrading.

On Sale again. Grab it :wink:

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