Is there any automatic backup like in Cubase ?

I realised while working for a certain time on a larger Score with Dorico, that I instantly thought it would be saved automaticly as I am used for from Cubase. In my Projectfolder I saw there are no backup files or anything likely saved.
I found nothing in my (german) Dorico-help for the searchword “backup”.

So my next question would be: Is there any option for a frequent automatic saving of the current project?

There is a backup - check in your Preferences section for the location of the backup folder, and it’ll save 5 backups by default.

Thank you that’s it. Sorry for my stupid question.

There is no auto-save in Dorico just yet, but this is certainly planned.

It appears - on my Mac - that there ARE backups saved. Can you explain how this works? If I mess up my file, can I go back and replace my messed-up file with a backup?

Please see page 45 of the Dorico version history PDF for documentation of this feature. In general you will find this PDF very useful as it contains a lot of detailed documentation of the new features and improvements added since 1.0, much of which is not yet reflected in the documentation available from