Is there any chance to add accidental in brackets

Transcribing a msical manuscript there are sometimes passages, where an accidental which is missing seem to be for harmonical reasons nevertheless completly inevitable, but simply appears to be forgotten by the composer.

In respect for the original manuscript I would like to have the chance to ad such accidentals in brackets to avoid misnderstanding. Is there any way I could do that in Dorico? Would it only be possible in the third mode or could/should I do at least something already in writing mode?

I think your only option is to input them as text in Write mode and place them in Engrave mode. To make some space for the right bracket, select the note, open the properties panel (engrave mode), and adjust the ‘Accidental X offset’ property.

The publisher I’m working for uses quite often accidentals in brackets [ ] to show that these accidentals are added by the arranger/editor.
So it would be great, if Dorico would let us choose between parentheses and brackets for accidentals.


We will no doubt support brackets in addition to the currently-supported parentheses in future, but not in the forthcoming update, I’m sorry to say.

This would be great. In addition, it would also be excellent to be able to show the accidental above the note, on top of the staff.

+1 for accidentals above the staff.


You can force the accidental and then use the paranethisize option with the note selected.

To make it play back in the original ‘wrong’ pitch, adjust the note in the Play tab.


we know about the option to add paranthesizes ( ) to accidentals. But we would like to have the option to add brackets [ ] too.

Parenthesizes are often used for accidentals that are only reminders. Brackets are used to show, that this accidental wasn’t there in the original manuscript of the composer. These accidentals are added by the editor/publisher because he thinks it is most likely that it should be there.